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NEBULIZATION : Attractiveness, freshness, taste, anti-waste and better storage of fruits and vegetables on the fresh department
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Preserve Excellence with ARECO

Preserving Excellence, day and night: With ARECO nebulization, freshness knows no bounds. Day and night, our advanced systems maintain a stable and controlled hygrometry of 90% RH, preserving the natural essence and organoleptic qualities of your produce.

Combatting waste, elevating storage: Say goodbye to unnecessary waste. ARECO nebulization is your ally in the fight against food waste. By incorporating our nebulization systems, your products not only maintain their quality but also enjoy extended preservation. This results in a significant reduction in waste, and the resources needed to transport them to the sales area are optimized.

The humidification we provide on fruits and vegetables has many benefits

Temperature control

Reduce the temperature above the shelf, creating an ideal environment for product preservation and customer comfort.

Breakage rate reduction

Our humidification systems contribute to a decrease in the breakage rate, ensuring your products remain intact and appealing.

Preservation of natural qualities

Maintain the organoleptic qualities of your products, preserving essential vitamins and polyphenols with antioxidant properties.

Eye-catching freshness

Experience a visually stunning fresh department with the allure of mist. Nebulization captures attention and encourages impulse buying, enhancing the overall appearance of your shelves.

A positive departmental image

Our humidification solutions contribute to a positive image of both the produce department and your store, creating an inviting atmosphere for customers.

Accelerated product turnover

Witness faster product turnover as the enhanced presentation and freshness attract more customers, leading to increased sales.

Minimized weight loss

Combat weight loss of fruits and vegetables with our precise humidification control, extending the shelf life and preserving product quality.

Extended selling Days

Enjoy an extended product exposure time of +1 to 4 days, providing more opportunities for customers to discover and purchase your offerings.

Efficient shelf layout

Optimize the layout of your products on the shelf for a more attractive and organized display.

Reduced staff intervention

With 24-hour operation, products remain on the shelf day and night, reducing the need for frequent staff interventions.

Happy customers, thriving business

In our fresh products departments, where our cutting-edge conservation solutions come into play, our customers have consistently experienced a range of valuable benefits:

  • Preservation of freshness and aesthetic appeal: Our solutions ensure the prolonged freshness and appealing appearance of products.
  • Extended shelf life: Enjoy an extended shelf life for your products, reducing instances of breakage.
  • Efficient workforce: Experience significant time savings for your team, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the departments. Say goodbye to overnight packing hassles.
  • Sell more Inventory: Witness a boost in your business turnover as a result of optimized product management.
  • Customer satisfaction: Ultimately, our solutions contribute to the overall satisfaction of your customers.

Discover the difference our solutions can make for your business — where freshness meets efficiency.


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