Revolutionize hygiene in fresh departments with ARECO’s state-of-the-art filtration systems

Discover the unparalleled filtration solutions offered by ARECO, setting the standard in the market. Our nebulization systems boast cutting-edge technology, providing a completely natural and chemical-free approach. Our commitment to hygiene surpasses current regulatory recommendations, ensuring a safe and superior environment.

Comprehensive Filtration System

Key Features:

ARECO ensures optimal hygiene through a sophisticated filtration system, incorporating various technologies:

  1. Exclusive patented “bactericidal” nozzle system, validated by the teaching hospital of Nice
  2. 5 and 20 µm sediment filters
  3. 25 µm activated carbon filter
  4. Ultraviolet filter
  5. Osmosis membrane
  6. Thermosure: Our patented natural disinfection device guarantees a 100% decontamination, preventing the risk of legionella.

Automatic daily drain: Our system includes an automatic daily drain, triggered in the event of a power failure, eliminating any stagnant water. This feature ensures a consistently clean ARECO nebulization system.

Design for hygiene: All our diffusers are meticulously designed to prevent water stagnation, and every part is easily removable and cleanable.

Maintenance benefits: With the Thermosure system, customers under our maintenance contract automatically receive Allianz insurance coverage against the risk of legionella, providing added peace of mind.


The Areco filtration system is
the most comprehensive on the market


ARECO uses its expertise to create new solutions that are certified in accordance with French and international standards in terms of health and safety. All our products comply with the regulations currently in force.

CE, RoHS, WEEE, UL, CSA, ETL Sanitation… are standards and directives that show that ARECO’s products are controlled and provide a guarantee to customers.