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Revolutionizing Butcher Catering: ARECO’s nebulization for optimal meat preservation
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Tailor-made nebulization solutions: elevate profitability across all types of refrigerated showcases with ARECO

Butchered Meat is fragile and requires very specific temperature and hygrometry to maintain its freshness and visual appeal. ARECO’s nebulization ensures optimal results by keeping the products in an ideal humidity level of between 85% and 95%.

Benefits for your butcher department

Minimize Weight Loss

Based on a study performed by tInterbev study, our nebulization system limits weight loss by up to 4.5%.

Prevent Oxidation

Enable pre-slicing without compromising original color and maintaining a freshly cut appearance.

Prevent Drying

Ensure your meat products stay moist and succulent with our advanced nebulization technology

Reduce Breakage

Experience a significant reduction in the risk of product breakage, preserving the quality of your inventory.

Extended Exposure Time

Extend the display life of your products by an additional day, providing more flexibility in your offerings.

Enhanced Hygiene

Eliminate the need for plastic wrapping, enhancing hygiene standards and reducing environmental impact.

Flexible Showcase Nebulization

Optimize your showcase by nebulizing all or a specific part, thanks to our advanced zoning diffusion technology.

Quick Return on Investment

Experience a return on investment in just one year, boosting the profitability of your butcher's department.

ARECO offers the opportunity to improve the profitability of your Butchery-Catering department thanks to its nebulization system that adapts to every type of showcase.

Whatever the type of refrigerated showcase, static or ventilated cold, we offer you a tailor-made answer.