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Elevating Fresh Solutions: ARECO's Innovative Commitments and Responsive Approach

Commitment Assurance

ARECO is your steadfast partner, ensuring end-to-end support from project inception to the tailored implementation of nebulization systems. We guarantee results that surpass expectations, backed by a lifetime warranty on all systems for supermarkets and local retailers.

Responsive Innovation and Market Proximity

ARECO dedicates 10% of annual turnover to Research and Development, ensuring constant improvement and innovation. We anticipate legislative changes and evolving customer needs. Collaborating closely with major retail groups, we pioneer new consumer experiences with NICTs, enhancing fresh department interactions.

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Innovative Pioneers Since 1998

ARECO leads the way in innovative solutions for food preservation, freshness, and quality since 1998. Our commitment to humanity and the environment drives continuous exploration of new solutions, integrating the latest communication technologies.

Listening, Adaptability, and Tailor-Made Solutions

Our approach centers on listening and adaptability, crafting solutions aligned with your needs. We go beyond updates, often revisiting products comprehensively to deliver tailor-made solutions that respect your constraints, requirements, and international standards.


26 years of journey marked by history, innovation, and a commitment to a more sustainable future

Areco core pillars for success

Local economic fabric: ARECO’s commitment extends to the local economic fabric. From the inception, we’ve nurtured cooperative relationships with local businesses, complying with RoHS requirements and contributing to the ADEME WEEE website. We manufacture our equipment in France, fostering enduring partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment. Our emphasis on local procurement, with 90% sourced within France and 67% within the Alpes-Maritimes department, aligns with our goal to support the local economy and reduce carbon emissions.

Environmental considerations: Our smart management technologies for fresh departments have a tangible impact on waste reduction and resource conservation. The construction of our headquarters in 2007 exemplifies our commitment to environmental sustainability, recognized by ADEME as one of the top 100 projects in the PACA region. ARECO’s ongoing investments in Research and Development focus on creating energy-efficient solutions, such as Nebuleco, which reduces water and electricity consumption by 30% compared to similar machines on the market.

Our comprehensive environmental approach encompasses reducing our carbon footprint, exemplified by a 35% reduction in fossil energy use since the launch of our CSR initiative. This reduction is attributed to optimized transport policies, improved product efficiency, and enhanced quality, contributing to a sustainable future.


Social responsibility: In our CSR approach, ARECO prioritizes creating better working conditions for our employees and fostering gender diversity and professional equality. Our commitment to gender equality is underscored by our recognition as the first company in the Alpes-Maritimes department to receive the Afnor Professional Equality label in 2016, reaffirmed in 2019.

A shift in business model: Towards an economy of functionality: Facing the challenges of the 2009 crisis, ARECO pioneered a subscription-based business model, evolving towards an economy of functionality. This innovative approach enables customers to equip their fresh departments with nebulization systems while preserving cash flow. By offering lifetime guarantees and focusing on functionality, our solutions extend the life of products, supporting a circular economy, reducing food waste, and encouraging fresh product consumption.

ARECO’s economy of functionality not only revolutionizes the traditional sales model but also fosters environmental and social benefits. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future, where ARECO’s commitment to CSR and innovative business practices shape a positive impact on the world.