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Empower your devices with IoT remote control system
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Discover unparalleled efficiency with our cutting-edge remote management system

Features and Benefits:
  1. Remote Monitoring for Seamless Control: Compatible with all fresh departments equipped with ARECO solutions, our remote management service empowers us to monitor your installations remotely. Swiftly address parameter modifications without requiring your intervention, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

  2. Predictive Maintenance for Optimal Performance: Embrace the power of predictive maintenance through remote management, guaranteeing continuous operation and optimal performance. This proactive approach enhances the responsiveness and effectiveness of our technical teams, allowing them to optimize routes and intervene swiftly.

  3. Dedicated Technical Support: Our dedicated technical service is poised to provide comprehensive support, assuring the seamless operation and performance of your equipment.

Unlock the Full Potential of ARECO's Remote Management

Zero user intervention

ARECO handles everything remotely, eliminating the need for user involvement.

Precision in Nebulization Control

Exercise precise remote control and adjustment of the nebulization process

Experience the future

Experience the future of remote management with ARECO, where innovation meets efficiency to transform your operations.

Responsive after-sales service

Enjoy increased machine uptime and reduced outage rates with our responsive and efficient after-sales service.

Site-specific history availability

Explore detailed histories of each site for comprehensive insights

Evolving services

Benefit from continuously evolving services tailored to meet your dynamic needs

Flexible machine settings modification

Easily adjust machine settings to tailor them to your specific requirements.

Comprehensive activity reports

 Access detailed activity reports covering maintenance history, sample traceability, and regulation records (water and showcase temperature, hygiene).