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Sustainable practices to enhance departments
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Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Embrace ARECO’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Innovation

At ARECO, our CSR approach has been an integral part of our identity since our inception in 1998. We recognize the imperative to address environmental, societal, and economic concerns, and in 2012, we formalized our commitment to CSR, propelling our efforts to new heights. Our CSR journey has been a catalyst for positive change, involving every facet of our organization, from internal resources to valued partners, customers, and suppliers.

  • We recycle 60% of all components to reduce waste.
  • We source as many elements as possible from local vendors based on CSR criteria.
  • Products are eco-designed with a lifetime warranty* using the most economically resourced generators that provide 100% natural disinfection.