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We guarantee the advancement of world-class nebulization technology through our innovative development efforts.
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ARECO develops innovative solutions to fight against food waste and preserve the natural resources

Innovation has always been at the heart of ARECO’s concerns. As a pioneer in the smart management of fresh departments, the company has a head start in technology, design, ecological footprint, safety, remote management and information dissemination. Our pioneering spirit helps us to stay one step ahead and spread our technology to the greatest number.

Driven by a continuous improvement approach, ARECO is constantly innovating to offer new products and services. These new technological achievements are made possible thanks to a significant investment in Research and Development but also thanks to a close collaboration between ARECO’s design offices and those of its customers, in constant search for innovation and optimization for their products. We seek to improve the quality of existing products, reduce operating costs and develop new concepts. Since our creation, more than €3 million have been invested in Research & Development.

10% of revenue and workforce dedicated to R&D

Areco's innovation journey

Our dedicated engineers work daily to enhance ARECO’s product line, focusing on delivering more efficient and energy-saving machinery to the market. Additionally, our ongoing commitment involves updating existing machines during maintenance, ensuring all our customers benefit from our latest technological solutions.

Within our internal laboratory, ARECO hosts a diverse team of specialists with complementary professional backgrounds. Collaborations with esteemed universities and research centers such as IRSTEA, CTIFL, DGAL, ENSIA, University of Nice, and University of Chambery enable us to continuously refine our fresh product preservation solutions and innovate to meet the evolving needs of both our customers and consumers.

This steadfast commitment to innovation has garnered ARECO numerous accolades, including innovation trophies, validating and motivating our progressive approach. Moreover, BPI France provides essential financial support to further empower our pursuit of groundbreaking advancements.