01 - Produce department

Are you familiar with nebulization?

At ARECO, we redefine freshness through our advanced nebulization technology. imagine a fine, cool fog enveloping your fresh products, with 95% of the drops having a diameter smaller than 5 microns, all thanks to our comprehensive filtration system.

The ARECO difference: natural freshness, environmental respect

Our 100% natural cool vapor not only moisturizes and enhances the quality of your fresh products but also does so sustainably.

ARECO’s nebulization transforms fresh departments, making them irresistibly attractive to consumers by delivering unparalleled freshness.

Why choose ARECO’s nebulizer?

With ARECO’s nebulizer, your products stay fresh and appetizing all day, extending their shelf life. installed in cold storage, as well as produce, seafood, butcher-catering, and cheese departments, ARECO tailors solutions for each department’s unique needs.

Nebulization at the core of ARECO’s growth

Nebulization is more than a technology at ARECO—it’s a commitment to valorizing fresh natural products while reducing food waste. our system stands out as the only one on the market enabling continuous diffusion of cool vapor, ensuring effective humidity control, homogeneity, breakage reduction, and a significant marketing impact.


Discarding a salad
wastes the 250 liters of water it took to grow. Considering its 4-hour shelf life, this is quite significant.

Key features of ARECO’s nebulization solution:

ARECO’s nebulization technology guarantees you the following results:

  • An ideal humidity thanks to an extremely fine cool fog
  • Perfect hygiene: a specific filtration system in compliance with current regulations
  • An economic and ecological system (low energy consumption), silent
  • Flexibility: our nebulization technology adapts to your shelf or room, whatever your application (plants and seafood, traditional showcases, cold storage…).
  • Only water: no addition of chemicals (no ozone, peracetic acid…)

Exclusivity of the ARECO nebulization system

  • Life guarantee of the equipment
  • 100% natural cool vapor
  • Thermosure: a patented technology that guarantees 100% decontamination of the machine
  • Equipment insured by Allianz against the risk of legionella
  • Very accurate adjustment of the amount of cool vapor to diffuse on fresh products for optimal nebulization on the department: power, operating cycles and ventilation flow rate
  • Height-adjustable diffusers without tools, with integrated shutters to nebulize all or part of your showcase
  • Training on the use of the system to fully optimize the nebulization according to your layout


adapts to your products layout.

The fruits and vegetables department changes with the seasons. To meet this need, ARECO offers a modular solution so that the nebulization can be adapted to your products layout.

Consumer-centric benefits:

  • Visual appeal: Make your fresh produce department visually appealing with fogging.
  • Taste perfection: Offer your customers an unrivalled taste experience by preserving the natural flavors and textures of your produce.
  • Waste reduction: Combat food waste with our contact cooling solution, which actively contributes to minimizing spoilage and extending the shelf life of your products.