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Cold Storage Optimization: ARECO’s Nebulization for precise preservation
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Preserving Excellence,
day and night

The final link in the cold chain before reaching consumers, cold room storage in food shops requires meticulous control of temperature and hygrometry to ensure perfect conservation and product quality.

Benefits for fruits and vegetables conservation

Accuracy and efficiency

Up to 100% humidity control with electronic precision.

Extended preservation

Enhance preservation from 24 to 72 hours.

Reduced weight loss

Minimize weight loss for optimal product quality.

Conservation of colors

Maintain vibrant and natural colors.

Dry moisture

Preserves products without causing wetness.

Flexible installation

Can be installed inside or outside the storage room.

Ensured safety

Operation monitored by a PLC for added security.

Perfect hygiene

Water is filtered and purified for optimal cleanliness.

Nebulization in carcass cold storage

In carcass cold storage, challenges include weight loss, preparation time, and specific storage conditions. ARECO’s nebulization solution addresses these concerns by reducing weight loss, improving conservation, and ensuring optimal storage conditions.

The technology maintains hygrometry with dry moisture, simplifying daily work and meat preparation.

Benefits for carcass conservation

  1. Humidity regulation: Achieve precise humidity control in the storage room.
  2. Reduced weight loss: Minimize carcass weight loss by up to 3%.
  3. Color maintenance: Preserve product color without darkening.
  4. Ease of preparation: Make meat easier to prepare.
  5. Perfect hygiene: Water is filtered and purified for optimal cleanliness.
  6. Dry Moisture: Preserves products without causing wetness.

Choose ARECO’s nebulization for your cold storage needs. Ensure your products retain their qualities, colors, and freshness, allowing for extended storage durations and streamlined daily operations. Our technology guarantees optimal conditions for both produce and carcass conservation.