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Welcome to ARECO North America, a dynamic subsidiary of ARECO France, pioneering advancements in fresh product management since 1998. As an integral part of the ARECO family, we specialize in nebulization systems that have been at the forefront of innovation.

Based in Grasse, in the Maritime Alps, ARECO originated with groundbreaking nebulization technology initially developed by IMRA Europe SAS, a research center affiliated with the Toyota Group. Originally designed for cooling vehicle interiors, nebulization evolved into a game-changing solution for the food industry, optimizing humidity control in wine cellars and cheese maturation rooms.

In the early 2000s, our pivotal partnership with Grand Frais, a division of the Prosol Group, marked a transformative era for nebulization. This collaboration propelled the technology into supermarkets and local food stores, revolutionizing the preservation of raw fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, and cheese. This innovative application not only extended shelf life but also enhanced appearance, texture, and flavors, while minimizing breakage and maximizing marketing impact.

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With a solid foundation of over 26 years of experience, ARECO is a trusted name in fresh food management solutions. Our track record, supported by tangible results, underscores the effectiveness of our offering


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ARECO’s mastery of nebulization technology transcends industry boundaries, reaching pharmaceuticals, plastics, textiles, biscuits, and the automotive sector, now under our LIDIT brand. Expanding globally in 2004, ARECO established a strong presence in Europe, with subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, and Italy. In 2016, ARECO North America, and in 2018, ARECO Pacific and ARECO Deutschland GmbH, further solidified our international footprint.

At ARECO North America, our mission is to redefine fresh produce management for greater profitability and sustainability. As a leading company in food technology, we proactively respond to evolving concerns about taste, health, and eco-conception. Our commitment goes beyond revolutionizing the consumption of fresh produce; we are dedicated to reducing food waste and fostering a virtuous food system.

Join us on the journey towards a tastier, healthier, and more sustainable future, where ARECO’s innovative nebulization systems redefine the standards of fresh produce management. Our transformative approach not only extends shelf life and improves quality but also makes a significant contribution to store profitability, ensuring both economic success and environmental responsibility.


26 years of journey marked by history, innovation, and a commitment to a more sustainable future