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ARECO’s Innovate: Fresh herbs module – elevating presentation, minimizing loss, and maximizing sales in aromatic herb displays
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Leader in fresh product department management

Areco, a leader in fresh product department management, introduces an innovative Fresh Herbs Module, specially crafted to enhance the freshness and presentation of aromatic herbs while extending their shelf life.

Throughout the day, aromatic herbs on store shelves often lose their freshness, vitality, and commercial appeal. Under typical store conditions (78,8°F temperature and 50% humidity level), these herbs rarely surpass a 24-hour shelf life. This circumstance results in approximately a 50% loss, translating to a significant revenue decline for these high-value products.

In line with Areco’s commitment to preserving and valorizing fresh products, we have developed a dedicated module for aromatic herbs, preventing the loss of freshness and extending the shelf life of these delicate items.

Benefits of the Areco Fresh Herbs Module

Improved shelf layout

Enhance the presentation of products on the shelf.

Extended shelf life

Prolong the freshness of aromatic herbs

Increased attractiveness and sales

Boost impulse buying with an appealing display.

Theatrical shelf experience

Featuring LED lighting for added visual appeal.

Filtered water supply

Ensuring optimal moisture at the base of aromatic herbs.

Adjustable water level

Tailor water levels to meet specific product needs.

Autonomous operation

Automated water renewal without operator intervention.

Standard or tailor-made

Adapt the module to your specific requirements.

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