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Cooling plates : Attractiveness, freshness, taste, anti-waste and better storage of fruits and vegetables on the fresh department
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Preserve Excellence with ARECO

ARECO offers a contact cooling solution, without dry air flow, mobile, temperature-adjustable and very energy-efficient compared to conventional refrigerated display cases. This system improves the products conservation by maintaining an optimal contact temperature (39,2 to 50°F depending on the need of the products). The quality of the products remains intact, the weight loss of fruits and vegetables is greatly reduced and natural degradation is slowed down.

Benefits for Your Fruits and Vegetables

Temperature reduction

Achieve a remarkable 42,8°F reduction at the core of your products, ensuring they stay crisp and fresh.

Weight loss reduction

Experience a substantial 15% reduction in product weight loss, preserving the quality and appearance of fruits and vegetables.

Breakage reduction

Benefit from a significant 1.9-point reduction in product breakage, ensuring a visually appealing and intact display.

Extended exposure time

Keep your products on display for a longer time, providing more opportunities for customers to explore and make purchases.

Loss reduction

Minimize losses with ARECO cooling plates, offering a solution that respects the cold chain and enhances product longevity.

No dry air flow

Our cooling plates operate without a dry air flow, preserving the natural moisture and freshness of your products.

Efficient setup and maintenance

Choose from standard or tailor-made configurations for island or wall furniture. Our plug-and-play modular system or static system is easy to install, use, and maintain.

No repacking hassles

Bid farewell to daily repacking routines. ARECO's cooling plates eliminate the need for end-of-day repacking, saving time and effort for your staff.

Our cooling plates key features

Temperature control: ARECO’s cooling plates offer a contact cooling solution with an adjustable temperature range (39,2 to 50°F), ensuring optimal conditions based on the specific needs of your products.

Energy efficiency: Experience superior energy efficiency compared to traditional refrigerated cases, thanks to our mobile and temperature-adjustable cooling solution.

Preservation excellence: Maintain the integrity of your products with optimal contact temperature, significantly reducing weight loss and slowing down natural degradation.

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