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NEBULIZATION : Emphasizing freshness, quality, and innovation in seafood retail
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Preserving freshness and quality with ARECO technology

Seafood Nebulisation department, where innovation meets freshness to elevate your seafood shopping experience. At ARECO, we understand the delicate nature of seafood and the importance of maintaining precise conditions for optimal quality. Our nebulisation solution revolutionizes the way seafood is presented and preserved, ensuring your products stand out and stay fresh.

The Impact of nebulization on seafood department advantages

Humidity control

Strategic diffusion installation on your products enables precise humidification to preserve freshness and product quality.

Extended freshness preservation

Seafood products remain attractive and commercially viable for at least 24 hours, minimizing losses.

Increased profitability

Products exposed to nebulization show no weight loss (26-hour test).

Odor control and insect repellence

Contributes to reducing undesirable odors and keeping away harmful insects.

Time optimization

Saves up to 2 hours during the setup of the ice wall and glazing process.

Improved working conditions

Creates a more comfortable environment for staff, promoting their well-being.

Key Features of Nebulization in Seafood Department

Climate Control for Freshness:

Maintains precise temperature (39-35,6°F) and humidity (85-95%) conditions. Delicate misting technology preserves freshness and quality of seafood, minimizing waste.

Optimal Storage with Cooling Tank:

Maintains core temperature with a cooling tank, reducing fog temperature by 44,6°F. Ensures a constant temperature throughout the day, extending the shelf life of seafood. Positive impact on shelf management by reducing ice consumption

Strengthening Theatrical Aspect:

Enhances the visual appeal of the seafood department. Constant mist energizes the display, making products more attractive. Promotes impulse buying and boosts sales, meeting shoppers’ quality and presentation preferences.


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